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May 16, 2015



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11.8 100m(2017)

4:46 mile(2015)

15:14 3 mile(2017)

26:40 8k(2016)


highest mileage week: 165(2019)

highest mileage month: 553.5(Aug 2019)

longest 100+ mile week streak: 13(2019)


21 year-old honors student at University of Alabama. Ran my first half marathon in 2010, been hooked ever since. Also employed as a PCT at DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa. Been (mostly) vegan for about a year and a half

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training, what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of - Plato

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Miles:This week: 8.00 Month: 68.00 Year: 3369.70
Streak LT 2 White Lifetime Miles: 272.05
Saucony Type A6 Lifetime Miles: 215.10
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PM - 5. there were a couple kinks to work out but i felt good. 

PM2 - 10 easy. awfully windy today.

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AM - 5. felt good for how cold and windy it was.

PM - 15. went from awfully windy to absurdly windy. if it had been about 15mph softer(the wind) i think the pace would have been up there with my fastest stuff last week

PM2 - 3

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AM - 3. you don't get to my kind of mileage without gaining an uncanny ability to know what pains to run through and when to cut a run early, I felt the latter in my right calf on the third run yesterday. I wouldn't even go as far to classify it as pain and I felt it on maybe 4 steps on the entire 3 miles, but I could tell it probably wasn't something that'd fade as the run went on so I stopped 2 miles short. didn't feel it this AM, but thought it over and decided on a couple of things:

1.) today should be an off day, which by my standards means a morning and evening shakeout. while the calf pain is gone I think the legs could use a little recharging, and after 45 mile days I'm thinking my recovery time should be crazy good right now so hopefully a day should be enough.

2.) my original plan was over 4 weeks to go 200, 225, 255, and 300 weekly miles. got the first week done, and for the most part felt pretty good at 200 so I think if I started doing the little things(diet, supplements, etc) that number could be something I could stay at. I'll probably start implementing workouts after finals and upper body lifting either then or the start of the next semester. I believe 300 is a number I could reach, just not until I can sustain 200 a week. maybe spring break 2020. mainly mentioning this so everyone can understand that i'm such a potent mix of narcissism and confidence that I believed without a doubt I could run a 300-mile week before I'd even ran 200. so I can't say I'm gerry lindgren-level yet, but I can say I'm better than cam levins

3.) I might not be the first blogger to hit a 200-mile week but at 21 I'd wager I'm the youngest

4.) 2020 I'll be returning to racing(track) after over 3 years of a hiatus and it's gonna be one hell of a revenge tour. so I hope these next few months are fun to read :)

also while I'm making a longass post on my 10 miles on Sunday I thought out my top 10 rappers list, being a huge fan of hip-hop since I could disappoint my mom by listening to eminem, so here's the list with a song of theirs I'd recommend(in no order(except andre being #1):

Andre 3000 - Aquemini, as Outkast(that last verse blows my mind every time)

Biggie - Suicidal Thoughts

Big L - Devil's Son(most underrated rapper ever imo)

Pac - When I Get Free II

Nas - One Love

Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy

MF DOOM - All Caps, as Madvillian

Q-Tip - Excursions, as A Tribe Called Quest

Jay-Z - D'evils

Kendrick - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst

Honorable mention to Kanye, Scarface, Em and Ice Cube

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AM - 3 easy. ate something bad for lunch yesterday and spent most of the day after on my knees praying over the porcelain altar. so no PM shakeout. legs felt good, could have felt better in general but good enough to go longer if it hadn’t been for it being a very busy day with school. i’ll try and get a longer run in tonight.

PM - 6. the double edged sword of TOO easy days are your legs are stiff but your stride is much stronger. didn’t get to find the pace where those two effects meet, drank my coffee a little too late if you catch my drift so 7-flat was about the fastest i could go before i was playing a dangerous game. still felt good.

and yes i decided on the distance of this PM run by what would get me to #1 on the mileage board lol

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AM - 5 easy. i think i’ve had a stomach bug the past couple days, but i’m almost over it. first 4 miles were 7:23, 7:23, 7:11, 7:11 which i thought was cool. always happy when low 7’s are easy pace

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2.5 is all i had time for this morning. stomach virus is still a bit present. i think with dead week and everything else this is gonna end up being a brick week, i think i’ll have time to pull another 200 with finals next week though.

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another lazy day!

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