Wasatch Rendevouz 3rd Varsity race

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May 16, 2015



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11.8 100m

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enjoy life

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i’m an introvert w a huge ego

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AM - Woke up and went on a nice shakeout. Went a little quicker since my mileage last week was sub-par. Ran the first mile just working on form, taking large strides on the downhill. Hit the first mile in 5:23. I'm sure running up was a bit slower, but my watch died halfway through the uphill so I can't say the second mile time. Strides after.

PM - Sick speed workout. The general idea I was able to think up was 6 800's in 3:10, 3:00, 2:50, 2:40, 2:30, then one all out. The idea sounded pretty good, but I had a better idea. Same paces, but the second lap I'd run ten seconds faster than the prior one, as to work on my non-existent kick. First one, 1:40 and 1:30 adding up to 3:10. Next one I hit 1:35 and 1:25, 3:00. Next one, I started thinking about races and stuff, rather than my form, and I think I hit the 400m mark at like 1:33. I hit the 600 at like 2:10. Picked it up and finished in 2:45, 5 seconds too speedy. Next one I hit the 100m at 18. Slowed down a bit but still hit the 400m at 83, a bit too fast. Finsihed the next 400 a second too quick and did a 2:37. My watch actually got these as barely over .5 miles because of having to swerve into the second lane a few times due to football team belongings. next one was supposed to be 2:30, and I got a little excited. Hit the 400m in 76-77. 3 seconds too quick. I decided I needed to punish myself and that if I ran the first lap 3 seconds too fast, I'd do the same for the second one. Did a 66-67 and hit the 800 in 2:22. After that I botched the all out 800m idea, instead aiming to break my 1000m record of 2:57. I ran this sophomore year going on a steep downhill. I still was doing the speed changes, however. Went out well, then realized my watch didn't even start. jogged back, and started again. Hit the 400m at 75, then sped up a bit. Felt quick, but didn't hurt. I actually felt good throughout this entire workout. Ran a 67 after to put me once again at a 2:22 800m, then finished hard with a 34 200m. I ran a 2:56 1000m, just barely breaking the prior record. It felt pretty maintainable, I think I could have kept going to run the 4:40 1600, but oh well. Good workout! The strides I did after felt amazing. I almost always feel like my form is crap or I'm sluggish ever since I came back from Team Prep USA, but this felt good. Really good. I was hauling and form was on point, and it didn't wind me or anything. My calves were pretty sore from 6 miles in spikes, so shoutout to my dad for not letting me ice bath because I was too busy updating my blog so he got mad and drained all the water I had just spent ten minutes waiting for it to run. Next stop, injury city

New Balance MD500v2 Miles: 6.00Nike Pegasus 30 Miles: 2.50Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 1.50
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A little over a mile warmup, then an 8 mile distance run. The first two miles I ran with Mason, Austin, Christian, Kindon, and Kedric, but my calves hurt a ton from yesterday so I slowed down quite a bit. I hit just under 32 minutes for the 4 mile mark. The rest of the guys had 2 minutes on me at least. After that I sped up quite a bit. I caught the pack at 6, but didn't slow down. At this point it was raining pretty awful and was freezing, plus very heavy winds and a lengthy uphill to top it all off. Mason and I still managed to run the last .9 miles in 4:54, according to Mason's watch. Official splits;









Calves stopped being so sore 4 miles in but then I felt good, but afterwards they were hurting again. Did strides after, felt uncomfortable below the knees, above the feet. Nice workout. I think I could've fought Mason harder and pushed us harder, but also I went too hard anyway. Oh well. Looks like tomorrow's easy.

Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 10.00
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Mile warmup, then core. Iced after w/ kyrie bc my calfs and her tendinitis were killing while everyone else went on a 20 minute run. A few varsity boys who will be unnamed stuck back and didn't run because they're lazy pieces of trash who are going to get kicked off varsity by people who care about their training. Watched soccer after with austin, kyrie, and Mason. It rained super hard so Mason and I took shelter under the Walk umbrella. #12lookinfresh went to church after and got baptized. 





Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 1.00
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JV was at a smaller meet, so Varsity and a few others ran U hill. The pace was supposed to be quick. By half a mile in Aaron, Mason and I packed way ahead of everyone. After a couple minutes Aaron got a medium lead on me, with Mason in between. I caught Mason, but he kicked it in and blew past me and beat Aaron as well. While everyone recovered I  ran back down to the slower runners and ran up with them. After that it stormed bad and Aaron and I hauled down the mountain. Strides after.

Nike Pegasus 30 Miles: 8.00
Weight: 0.00
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4 easy miles. Good luck to everyone running at the rendevouz on saturday. Except you, Seth Freckleton. I'm gonna kill ya

Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 4.00
Weight: 0.00
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2 miles on the treadmill while Aaron biked

Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 2.00
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Race: Wasatch Rendevouz 3rd Varsity race (3 Miles) 00:17:21, Place overall: 8
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Got to the meet pretty early, early enough for Mason and I to run the course. The rendevouz consists of 1 JV race and 7 Varsity races where all the #7 Varsity runners race, and so forth. The squad ranks were as follows; Jordan 7th, Austin 6th, Kedric 5th, Christian 4th, me 3rd, Aaron 2nd, and Mason 1rst. In the JV race of 388 people Clayton, a newer member of the team, managed to get 12th place and run a 17:44, so shoutout to him, and Kenny as well for having a good race. Jordan and Austin both got like 18:10's, and Kedric ran a 17:45, making Clayton at least #5 Varsity. When Kedric started I got Jacia, our girl #3, and went on a 10 minute warm-up, going hard the last minute. After that we stretched and ran to the starting line, where I forgot my bib, but Jacia was the coolest kid on twitter and went and got it for me while I went to the restroom for the final time. The gun went off, and everyone went out hard, despite it being a 20-something person race. At the first big hill about a third a mile in I passed a few people, getting into 10th place. After that I worked with Jake Graves from Stansbury for a while. He hit the mile mark at 5:25, I was at 5:28. After that I caught him and at the two mile mark he has some room on me again, and coach tells me I did a 6:00 mile so I speed up and catch him again. we got to the point where we had 1000m left and Mason yells at me that I'm tied for 7th. Jake moves up, and I do as well but as we work to pass this kid from Brighton, he keeps cutting me off as I try to pass. I ended up not passing the jerk because of it, and ran a 17:21. Splits were 5:28, 5:59, 5:55. Didn't even feel winded at the finish. It bugged me that I ran so cautiously, but ya win some ya lose some. Christian got 3rd in his race with a 16:59, Aaron 5th with a 16:39, and Mason 8th with a 16:27. Shoutout to Talon Hull for murdering the #1 race with a 15:12. Cooldown afterward with the team, and I did some strides after finishing Cafe Rio quickly. Ran a mile when I got home to add it up to 10 for the day.

Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 7.00Nike Rival XC Miles: 3.00
Weight: 0.00
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New Balance MD500v2 Miles: 6.00Nike Pegasus 30 Miles: 10.50Nike Pegasus 30 II Miles: 25.50Nike Rival XC Miles: 3.00
Weight: 0.00
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