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May 16, 2015



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11.8 100m(2017)

4:46 mile(2015)

15:14 3 mile(2017)

26:40 8k(2016)


highest mileage week: 200(Nov 2019)

highest mileage month: 553.5(Aug 2019)

longest 100+ mile week streak: 13(June-Sept 2019)


21 year-old honors student at University of Alabama. Ran my first half marathon in 2010, been hooked ever since. Also employed as a PCT at DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa. Been (mostly) vegan for about a year and a half

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training, what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of - Plato

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Saucony Type A6 Lifetime Miles: 223.10
Fast Lifetime Miles: 414.75
Nike Vomero 10 Pink Lifetime Miles: 537.45
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Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 144.00
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3 miles before my shift that’s gonna be some real bs, and i ain’t mean blood sugar. i can do the work but if they keep scheduling me as the only PCT on the floor when we’re completely full, meaning we should have 3 or 4 PCT’s on the clock, just because no one else wants to work sundays i’m transferring to physical therapy

sprint sunday after my shift at about 7:10pm. a little over 4 miles warmup with the last 800m in 2:20, came through 400m in 70.x so good pacing. then 8x100m with the last one timed in 12.9. wore old sprint spikes i found in my closet the other day, love the feel of them even if they’re a little small since i got them when i was 15 or 16. that 800m was excellent considering 1.) i hadn’t had any calories discounting the sugar with my coffee since about 6:30am 2.) the previous week is def still in my legs 3.) ran this right after a 13 hour shift 4.) i jumped straight into this after running 3.5 miles 5.) it was in trainers. so considering i haven’t ran anything at that pace in a LONG time it made me happy. the sub-13 100m was nice too. CD for 6.

SOTD: Murder - UGK

Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 9.00
Weight: 0.00
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3 in the morning, 5:20am. fastest pace since last monday for this run. need to get weekdays off from work, i think i could probably do friday nights but i can’t do 5 shifts in a row and have time for school. it would make running a bit easier too, but that wasn’t a deciding factor.

15 at 6:30am. same as my first run, fastest pace since last monday for the 15. otherwise pretty uneventful, it’ll be nice if i keep consistent for a few weeks with this, these runs will be really fun when i can bring the pace down a bit.

12 after my shift. 7-minute pace, hopefully getting that out of the way means i won’t care about pace the rest of the week. did upper body and core at the gym after. knew i was lean but didn’t realize that i’m RIPPED! discovered lots of veins i didn’t even know i had, i’m pretty sure a paper cut would be the end of me. 30 miles ran, 8 walked, a four hour hospital shift, 3 hours of classes, and a gym session today... my suspicions of me being hyperactive are confirmed.

SOTD: horse with no name - america. can’t hear this song without thinking of the highway cop scene from breaking bad

Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 30.00
Weight: 0.00
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3 at 5:15am. legs felt fine but mentally i was so tired, if i can get weekday shifts off i’m gonna start getting a couple hours of zzzs in the library around 3pm, then i’ll need less night sleep bc all it seems i have time for is 6 hours if i’m lucky lately.

15 at 6:30am. happy with the pace not dropping off like last week. if i work tonight at least i’ll get tomorrow off.

12 after my shift at 7:20pm. kept the pace past jogging and had some ankle pain right around 4. stretched for a minute and jogged the rest, at first i was frustrated that i’m in amazing aerobic shape but my legs aren’t at the same level, but after a couple miles i put things in perspective and realized i’ve worked ~38 hours the past 5 days and ran 30 mile days 8 out of the last 12. i’m lucky to even be on working legs. felt okay jogging after that; the fitness will come around, i just have to be patient. my legs are way stronger than they were just two weeks ago, it’s very visibly noticeable. core and upper body after. if i make it past the morning 18 tomorrow and survive i will keep the pace easy as a favor to my very forgiving body

SOTD: Monopoly - Danny Brown

Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 30.00
Weight: 0.00
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3 at 5:10am. legs felt better than i thought they would. gonna bring a pillow to the library and take a couple hours of napping in between study periods, hopefully my body lets me do that because i’d be much more efficient with my time sleeping from 12:30-4:30am and 3-6pm than 10pm-4:45am. we’ll see.

15 at 6:20am. legs felt good, no ankle pain on either runs today. thanks for being awesome legs

12 at 6:00pm. took an hour and a half nap hunched over on the library desk and my body didn’t like that; my stomach hurt the first few miles and my legs were tight. as always they were awesome and allowed me to get in the mileage anyway. core and upper body

SOTD: take what you want - post malone. not a huge post fan but those features are 10/10. september 2019 has to gotta be the best month of my life and it’s only a third of the way done. a 165 mile week AND a Q-Tip-produced danny brown song drops and ozzy osbourne and travis scott on the same track. best life ever 

Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 30.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

3 at 5:00am.

15 at 6:20am. weird run. i woke up better than normal for 4:45am so i had much less coffee than normal post-shakeout, and the next 45 minutes it’s like my mind was in a fog. i partially remember driving to sandy, i was dozing off a little at the wheel which really isn’t like me. i got to the start of sandy and i remember thinking “if i sit in this car without moving i’ll be asleep in 15 seconds max” so i got out and began the run. for the first few miles it felt like i was just on cruise control(slow cruise) and couldn’t focus my mind at all; normally i’m thinking about a lot on these runs but i swore i didn’t think anything besides the occasional “what’s wrong with me, why can’t i focus?” but by about 5 miles in the killer hill brought me back. watch was almost dead so i stopped tracking at the turnaround and just made a mental note of the time, came back about 5 minutes faster. very slow because of the first half, i’d be secretly disappointed but with 1k left i felt good and was already running fast because dogs were barking behind me, so i just sustained the pace, making another mental note of when i hit the “half-mile to go” mark, ran that under 3 minutes. felt good, moral of this story is always drink more coffee than you think you should 

12 at 7:00pm. felt pretty good. on days i don’t work i’m gonna try to split my sleeping into two 3-4 hour periods, so i slept 2-5pm, so i’d contribute the feeling of goodness to that.

SOTD: Testify - Common

Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 30.00
Weight: 0.00
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2 at 7:20am. fastest pace in about 3 weeks. slept in, gonna take today easier to prepare for next week; i had an epiphany last night to make an alteration to my training. all ima say is if you don’t think “eugene’s lost his damn mind” reading my blog lately, well... :-)

also, if you look at training weeks from Friday-Thursday, i just did back-to-back 165 mile weeks anyway. 

3 at 7:30pm after my shift. legs a little tight from not stretching well after the am run. doing better on that rn

SOTD: flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine


Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
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6 after a very rough night. tried to get extra protein by eating some canned tuna, i think it was bad though bc i was up until 4am on my knees over a toilet bowl :( still ran 6 miles before my hospital shift today bc eugene don’t play no games people!!! >:(

4 after the shift. slow.

SOTD: Pac Blood - Danny Brown

Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 10.00
Weight: 0.00
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Pegaroos Pair 2 Miles: 144.00
Weight: 0.00
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