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November 17, 2019

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U of A

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May 16, 2015



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teen PR's:

11.8 100m(2017)

4:46 mile(2015)

15:14 3 mile(2017)

26:40 8k(2016)


highest mileage week: 165(2019)

highest mileage month: 553.5(Aug 2019)

longest 100+ mile week streak: 13(2019)

Short-Term Running Goals:

bridge the gap between my affinity for mileage and raw speed. get my reparations from the running world. find solace from a hard world in the easy running.

Long-Term Running Goals:

reach my full potential, maybe more. spend my early 20's running times and numbers that I can look back at with pride. get out of the game with my body and mind in one piece.


21 year-old honors student at University of Alabama. Ran my first half marathon in 2010, been hooked ever since.

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training, what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of - Plato

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 80.00 Year: 2744.70
Streak LT 2 White Lifetime Miles: 272.05
Saucony Type A6 Lifetime Miles: 215.10
Fast Lifetime Miles: 407.00
Nike Vomero 10 Pink Lifetime Miles: 534.45
OG Vic Lifetime Miles: 17.00
All Black Pegs Lifetime Miles: 749.50
Pegaroos 36 Lifetime Miles: 949.00
Pegaroos Pair 2 Lifetime Miles: 681.50
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5 in the morning-ish. Slept in a bit, my body was wrecked from the weekend, but my legs weren't any worse than the rest of me, and I felt better as I went on. Had a homeless guy come up to me after. Normally I don't give in to soliciting, but his story had a lot of similarities in trials I've endured, and even though I didn't get much help in them I know how much it'd have meant to me for someone to, so I bought him breakfast. Was worth the few dollars to see his face light up. On the drive home I thought about a way to try and minimalize homelessness. The best solution I can think of is a non-profit housing service where you're provided food and housing for doing work for the house itself, whether it be cooking, cleaning, etc. All things that benefit the house itself(maybe community service as well to try and provide minimal funding). I hope one day to found something like that. I'd probably have it double as rehab too, at least in that there'd be no drugs allowed and you'd have the resources to get clean if the withdrawals directly affect your health. Really just hate that we all get one chance at life and some people have to live it in such painful conditions

9 in the afternoon. Legs felt GOOD - the weekend got shaken out of them more quickly than I thought they would. Left arch started to ache a bit at the end, luckily I got insoles in my trunk like lil nas x got horses in the back

Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 5.00Pegaroos 36 Miles: 9.00
Weight: 0.00
From Tom K on Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 10:39:52 from

Man, you've got so much going on over here, I'm sorry I haven't commented yet. First, well done on the 100 mile week last week, and the king of the mileage board status! I will never hit that number in a week, and I'm always super impressed with the guys that do.

Second, congratulations on the hospital job offer. If you're going to be there anyway, you might as well be paid! You should totally submit that application.

Third, your idea for overcoming homelessness reminds me of this house in Venice. People (mostly teens) will show up and do work around the house in exchange for use of the skate ramp, rock climbing wall, use of skimmers, etc. I mean, your idea of a place to sleep in exchange for labor is a way more important idea. But until I build a half pipe in my backyard, my kids are going to be more willing to do yard work over there, than they are at home!

From Eugene on Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 10:59:10 from

Honestly, that skate ramp idea might be even better. I thought about it after and there's definitely a lot of ways for that idea to get ruined by trusting people to keep it going for their own sake, I think having security could help, but still. I guess I still have a long life ahead of me to fine-tune the idea though :) Thank you for your other kind words! Hopefully this isn't just a short-lived peak in the rollercoaster of life and rather just the result of what life gives you by putting work in. Hopefully I can get a race in before I have to celebrate my 3-year anniversary of my last one!

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